Welcome to the Cameron County Historical Commission

The Cameron County Historical Commission (CCHC) is your governmental commission for Cameron County, here to help you with history needs. The CCHC exists to preserve, protect, and promote the historical resources of Cameron County for the education, enjoyment and economic benefit of residents and visitors.

It is responsible for providing the first level of review for State historical marker requests, and it typically conducts two-to-three special projects per year.

More than 180 recorded Texas Historic Landmark markers and National Register markers have been placed in Cameron County. The time span from these historic buildings and sites of significant events and cultural milestones stretches from 1771 when Espiritu Santo Ranch (now Rancho Viejo) was established, through the Rogers Massacre in 1846 at the start of the Mexican-American War and the Paso Real Stagecoach ferry crossing to bandit raids in the 1910s and Harlingen Army Airfield. Fort Brown, the Immaculate Conception Cathedral and the Pan Am Blind Flying School are among the architecturally and historically important building that have been recognized.

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