All things have a beginning. The CCHC is no different.

Back in 1953, the Texas State Historical Survey Committee was created by the Texas legislature. Through Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 318, authorizing counties to establish commissions to assist with preservation and education. Within a few short years, that committee expanded to the county level and by 1967, the Cameron County Historical Survey Committee was established.

As years progressed, the State of Texas with its agency dedicated to the history, the Texas Historical Commission (THC) redrafted Chapter 318 of Texas Local Government Code and through the 70th Legislature being signed by Governor Mark White became effective on September 1, 1987.
The Cameron Couty Historical Survey Committee was now called the Cameron County Historical Commission.

It is important to know that the CCHC is not the Texas Historical Commission, we are its partner. Our main duty is to assist the County Judge and Commissioners, concerning items of historical significance. Other duties include assisting in preservation, education, and promotion of historical items within Cameron County.

Below are the current commissioners for the Historical Commission. Interested in becoming a commissioner or a volunteer, let us know and we will be happy to give you some information.

Remember the CCHC is here for you; whether you are a local or a visitor, we are here to help!

Your Historical Commissioners

Cameron County Historical Commission 2023 - 2025

Roxie Swanson

Wilson Bourgeois

Betty Nilson

Steve Hathcock

Jack Alvarez

Mary Torres

Adrian Scold

Jack Ayoub

Adrian Scold

Larry Lof

Adrian Scold


Adrian Scold

Melissa Bourgeois

Adrian Scold

Miriam Suarez