"Rembering the Past... For the Future!"


With age and time, all things start to break down. The commission strives to assist in preservation of the very things that make Cameron County great, its history! 


To tell the world of the greatness of Cameron County, a county which some have said is the most historic of all counties in Texas. Assisting with local and state entities and agencies, the CCHC does just that!


"Without knowing the past, you are destined to repeat it." We believe that saying is more than just a saying, it is a life lesson. Knowing about the past helps in almost all facets of life.


The preservation of historical places is not just about protecting old buildings and sites, but it's about safeguarding a significant part of our shared heritage. These sites serve as a living testament to our historical, cultural, and architectural journey, providing a tangible connection to our past. They are invaluable educational resources, offering insights into different eras, cultures, and societal structures. Moreover, their preservation plays a crucial role in promoting sustainable tourism and local economic development. Therefore, it is our collective responsibility to ensure these historical treasures are conserved for the education, enjoyment, and inspiration of present and future generations.


Historical Markers within the county

Cameron County, officially the County of Cameron, is the southernmost county in the state of Texas. As of the 2010 census, its population was 406,220 Its county seat is Brownsville.

The county was founded in 1848 and is named for Captain Ewen Cameron, a soldier during the Texas Revolution and in the ill-fated Mier Expedition. During the later 19th century and through World War II, Fort Brown was a US Army outpost here, stimulating the development of the city of Brownsville.

Cameron County is part of the Brownsville–Harlingen, TX Metropolitan Statistical Area as well as the Brownsville–Harlingen–Raymondville, TX Combined Statistical Area, which itself is part of the larger Rio Grande Valley region.